Since 2003, we have provided private music lessons by professional musicians with an emphasis on classical/orchestral music.


Our Mission

Transforming lives by investing in youth and communities through music.

Music is important to the upbringing of our youth. It enhances our society, encourages our spirits, and strengthens our mind.
— Lillian Ellis, Founder and President

How does SONATA help the communtity?

  • Private lessons are the best way to
     learn the mechanics of the instrument. 
  • Lessons help students learn
    to focus and become hard workers. 
  • Lessons teach students how 
    to solve problems independently.
  • Lessons help students cope with stress.
  • Over $100,000 in music lesson scholarships has been awarded.
  • SONATA Scholars have consistently 
    shown growth on their musical instruments.
  • Students have been selected to perform
    in the All-State Band and Orchestra, 
    Governor Honors Program, and 
     placement in various local groups. 
  • Upon completing the program
    students have earned scholarships
     to attend college.